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Twin cities

Dukla - Poland

We have had a 27 years old sportrelation with Dukla's football team, during these years we have always participated in the Dukla Days ( Dni dukli) and have competed with the old boys. They have been coming to visit us in August. Besides the sport relations we have had many other programs like  folkdance, cheerladies, moderdances. During our trips we saw the lions of each other's cities.

The church and the sculpture of Pope John Paul II's in Dukla


Dukla's main square called Rynek


Rafting on Dunajec


Erzsébetbánya (Baiut) - Romania

We contacted the pepople in Erzsébetbánya three years ago. In 2003 there was a football championship organized by us for the old boys in Dukla, Erzsébetbánya and in Ópályi. We would like to make our relationships official and also would like to expand it.

The Ópályi Old Boys - team



The Old Boys- teams of Dukla, Erzsébetbánya and Ópályi