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István Simon


István Simon and David Coulthard in Sydney


He was born in Mátészalka on 18th February 1976. He spent his youth in Ópályi whilst studying but now lives in Budapest. He was only 10 when he saw the first formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix on the Hungaroring, where he was taken together with the whole family by his sportsfan Dad. From this point on he has been collecting every article, small photo, information from the Hungarian media, magazines, and later even from foreign newspapers. Since 1996 he has been familiar with the world of racing tracks as an accredited journalist. So far he has been corresponding to different radios and newspapers from all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Malayzia, Monte-Carlo, Canada, Brazil. During his college years in the 90's he was reporting to Autó Plusz, and later on he became the paper's staff. His name started showing up in many printed and electronic media. He joined the Hungarian State Television's Formula 1's broadcast team as an expert, and became a frequent guest in programs like Csúcsforgalom on Petőfi Radio, Sebességláz on Klub Radio and Duna TV.  His reports can be heard on Sláger Radio's news summaries. At the moment he is the editor in chief of the one and only landrover magazine of the country. Besides that he publishes in Magyar Hírlap and in Népszabadság about Formula -1. His name is published as the only Hungarian ever to be in the -Who is who in Formula -1?- International professional registry. His book called the - Scudding circus- (was  published for the fourth times in 2004) is illustrated with special pictures, stories and is a colourful album that is always up-to-date and summerizes each year's important events through an expert's eye in  a very enjoyable manner. He'll always be very proud to be from Ópályi.


Róza Kondor

Róza Kondor

About the family: We moved to Ópályi in the spring of 1945 after escaping from Transylvania. ( My Father Károly Kondor had received a job there as a Road Guard in 1942) There was the nine of us as sisters and brothers, 6 of them were born in Tunyog, 1 in Transylvania and 2 in Ópályi. We were all brought up in Ópályi, after 1957 we moved to different places in Hungary, at the moment my oldest sister Juliska (Biró Kálmánné) and the youngest one Csaba lives in the village, three of our brothers have already died. We consider Ópályi as our home as our personalities were formed here by partly the family and the era the 1940's and 50's. As we are growing old we still go home to Ópályi, Csaba and his family and also the cemetery mean our family there ...About myselfRóza Kondor, married neme: Kecskés Attiláné, Alias Rózsa Kecskés was born 2 June 1939.  She completed her primary school in Ópályi and high school studies in Mátészalka with excellent results. She had huge plans for the future including becoming a painter, but her application drawing got dirty and she never submitted it... later she graduated from Debrecen University as a teacher at the Hungarian-History faculty in 1962. She got married and has raised three sons Attila, Zsolt and Árpád. She was a teacher in a high school until 1977, during teaching she got an other degree as a  librarian, she became a pensioner in 1964 but she was still teaching until 2000 when she had a heart surgery.

She became a widow in 1988 but she is not lonely, she has many things to do, gardening, travelling, studying.Besides her work and family duties, she has been working on an acedemic field since the 1980-s, mainly on the fields of library, pedagogy, ethnography and literature. She has been awarded for her essays many times that has been published in Kisalföldi Könyvtáros, Győri tanulmányok. She had to stop her preparations for her Ph.D. when she became a widow.From the 1990-s her poems, essays, narratives have been published in several, periodicals like -Zsarát-, -Kláris-, -Győri antológiák-.She has been awarded the -Kisfaludy- and  -Pattantyús Honour- and the -Szocialista Kultúráért Honour-.