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Óvodai kapacitásbővítés


  • Celebrating the 720th birthday of Ópályi  (The name of our village was first mentioned in 1294 as Pauli by III. King András.)
  • Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the breakout of the First World War
  • 20th International Harvest Festival
  • A monument column has been created to commemorate the breakout of the Revolution of Idependence of 1848-49
  • Commemoration of the Trianon Treaty marking the end of the First World War
  • Kárpátia concert at the Harvest Festival on 13 July
  • St. István Day Celebration on 20th August
  • Birthday of our village celebration on 6 September (720 people will pray for Ópályi, a 720-piece birthday cake will be made, firework)
  • Horpácsik János Folkdance Festival in honour of our late folkdancer genius
  • Opening ceremony of the refurbished Horpácsik János Cultural Center
  • Applying for EU funding to create a statue of János Horpácsik
  • Commemoration of the 13 Arad heroes at the 6 October Monument on 6 October.
  • Renovating the 2nd World War Monument
  • International conference on the events and consequences of the First World War
  • Commemoration of the 1956 Revolution at the 1956 Monument
  • Opening ceremony of the refurbished ground water abstraction system funded by EU

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